Copper Basin Coalition

Our Mission
Build a strong healthy future for our community through the prevention
 and reduction of substance abuse among our youth.

Our Vision
For the Copper Basin area to be a safe, alcohol and drug-free community
for all citizens.

         The Copper Basin Coalition was established in August of 2006 through a Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant from the Governor's Office.  During the beginning of the Grant,  Arizona Youth Partnership worked with community members in Globe to decrease the problematic drinking of 12-25 year-olds by building community capacity through the development local coalitions that will develop strategic action plans to address the following issues:
    1.  Youth binge drinking among 12-18 year olds.
    2.  Youth alcohol consumption among 12-18 year olds.
    3.  Adult binge drinking among 18-25 year olds.
    4.  Alcohol-related crash injuries among 18-25 year olds.
Also, they will identify the existing needs and gaps in services and programs specific to problematic drinking by 12-25 year olds.
Throughout the the past year the Coalition has been working to build the capacity of the coalition by collaborating with key stakeholders in the community.   This has been done by strengthening realtionships through communication, public relations, and identifying resources.
Many coalition members participate or sit on governing boards of various committees, task forces, coailtons and civic organizations which provides an opportunity for the coalitions to reciprocate services.  This has helped to build partnerhsips for a strong community driven coalition.

August  2006

Christine Rocha

Brenda Van Haren

Grant Title:
DFC - Drug Free Communities Grant

Contact Information:
Copper Basin Coalition
Arizona Youth Partnership
143 South Broad Street
Globe, Arizona    85501
(928) 425-9276
(928) 425-3198 fax

William Herrera   
Coalition Coordinator

Lucy Gomez         
Coalition Coordinator

Cecilie Hudson
Parent Outreach Coordinator

Copper Basin Coalition Meeting

March 31, 2011
12-1 pm 
Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce
1360 N. Broad St
Globe, AZ 
Refreshments provided. 
Contact us: - 928-425-9276